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Elections: Your 2020-2021 WWIL Senior Exec Team

Elections: Your 2020-2021 WWIL Senior Exec Team

The results are in, and we are so excited to announce that your new Senior Executive Team for 2020-2021 is…
President: Laura Chu
VP Communications: Rachel Quon
VP Events: Zoë Sun
VP Finance: Kate Whibbs

Laura Chu – President

Profile photo of Laura Chu

Laura is a fourth-year student at Ivey Business School completing her Honours Business Administration degree. Laura has been dedicated to Western Women in Leadership (WWIL) for the past three years, which she describes as an integral part of her university experience. Her previous roles include Director of Marketing (2018/19) and Vice President of Communications (2019/20).

Beyond WWIL, Laura is involved with the Ivey Fashion and Retail Club as the Speaker/Sponsor Chair and the Ivey Marketing Club as a Section Representative. Alongside her extracurricular involvement, Laura is a passionate marketer and businesswomen with experience at TD Bank and PepsiCo. Despite these unprecedented times, Laura plans to maintain WWIL’s important presence on-campus; bringing innovative and educational events to Western University and supporting the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

Rachel Quon, VP Communications

Profile photo of Rachel Quon

Rachel is a third-year criminology student at Western University. Rachel has been involved with Western Women in Leadership (WWIL) for the past year as the Director of Marketing. WWIL has allowed Rachel to connect with a group of strong and inspiring women and is excited to create change through new initiatives with the team.

Beyond WWIL, Rachel is a hardworking businesswomen with experience at PWC. As the Vice President of Communications, Rachel is committed to continue the important dialogue surrounding women in leadership in the Western community and beyond.

Zoë Sun, VP Events

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am currently finishing up my second year of university here at Western! This past year I worked under WWIL’s Events Portfolio as their Director of Projects, and the experiences I’ve had with this team has led me to meet some of the most amazing women. WWIL has given me so many opportunities to empower both myself and the community of women around me.

My favourite event from this past year would hands-down have to be our coffeehouse social! Its success showed me the importance of creating a balance between career-driven events and events oriented towards self-care and team engagement. Therefore, in addition to networking socials, interview preps, and resumé-building sessions, I would love to introduce new events such as yoga classes, paint nights, and trivia contests to help promote engagement within our community! Along with this, I plan on partnering with other clubs in order to create unique opportunities that will reach students across different academic disciplines.


Kate Whibbs, VP Finance

Profile photo of Kate Whibbs

Kate is a fourth year student at Western University completing an Honours Specialization in Accounting. Kate has been a part of the Western Women in Leadership (WWIL) team since her first year at Western. She has assumed the role of Director of Sponsorships since 2017 and is excited to continue her commitment to WWIL.

For Kate, the opportunity to be a part of and grow a network of women that inspire and empower one another on the Western campus and beyond has been a crucial part of her growth as a university student and young woman. Kate has continued her commitment to connect with and learn from women in business through her experiences at Toronto Law Firm, Lenczner Slaght LLP, and Ernst & Young. In addition to her passion for women in business, Kate has been a competitive dancer since the age of 6 and has continued to grow her passion for dance on Western’s dance team.

As Vice President of Finance for the upcoming year, Kate is excited by the challenge and uniqueness of the opportunity to guide and lead a group of young powerful woman during these strange times.

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