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Elections: Executive Recruitment 2015

Elections: Executive Recruitment 2015

Western’s first ever Women in Leadership Club
We brought Women in Leadership to Western to encourage women towards grasping the countless opportunities available to them while strengthening their confidence and determination.
The club aims to assist women in constructing a broader network and expanding their knowledge on various career paths through; workshops, seminars, socials, competitions, networking opportunities, external delegate options and our annual conference.
The application takes around 5 minutes. You have till April 4th at 8:00am, males also encouraged to apply.
——————— Position List ———————
VP Communications
VP Media
Events Co-ordinator
Creative Director
Marketing Director
Sponsorship Director
External Director
Logistics Director
For further description please contact Iman Bashir, Natasha Crombie or ; however, a more descriptive list will be emailed to those granted an interview.

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