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Elections: 2020-2021 Nominees

Elections: 2020-2021 Nominees

Hello WWIL! It’s election time – although our year was cut short due to current circumstances, we are so excited to welcome a new wave of amazing women who will lead WWIL next year. Flip through these pictures to get to know our nominees.
Name: Laura Chu

Position: President

My name is Laura Chu and I am so excited to be running for the 2020/2021 Western Women in Leadership President position. I have been a member of WWIL for two years now, serving as both the VP Communications (2019/2020) and the Director of Marketing (2018/2019). Being a part of WWIL has been one of the biggest highlights of my undergraduate experience, which is why I am thrilled to be running for President this year.

My vision for the club focuses on growing the awareness of and membership to WWIL. Some of my goals include participating in more collaborative events with other clubs on campus, increasing our social media following and interactions, hosting interdisciplinary events, and opening a mentorship program that is inclusive to all of our members.

If you have any recommendations about what you would like to see next year, feel free to email me at

Name: Samridhi Sahgal

Position: VP Events

Be it the ‘How to network event’ or the coffee socials, this club has always made me feel a part of a bigger and more empowering force. This year, I had the chance to be inspired by resilient and perseverant women and was given a host of opportunities to explore the leader within me. With the help of this portfolio, I plan on accelerating the values of WWIL and hope to reach out to women in all fields and walks of life. University is an important time to work on yourself, and I hope to help my fellow members through this transformational process with the introduction of events that cater to all needs and expectations. My goals for the upcoming event include:

• Exploiting technology and the internet to hold online sessions, activities, forums, virtual events etc to keep all members of the community engaged outside of in-person events

• Introduction of new formal and informal events for general members to ensure holistic collaboration and an empowering environment. These include a mentorship program, activity night at The Spoke etc

• Holding local charity drives to support female-driven non-profit organizations

• Creating a consistent dynamic between all executive members by holding internal events such as a “vision board’’ event for the upcoming year

Feel free to reach out to me in case of any doubts or questions. Stay safe and take care ladies!

Name: Zoe Sun
Position: VP Events

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am currently finishing up my second year of university here at Western! This past year I worked under WWIL’s Events Portfolio as their Director of Projects, and the experiences I’ve had with this team has led me to meet some of the most amazing women. WWIL has given me so many opportunities to empower both myself and the community of women around me, and if elected to be VP of Events, I hope to be able to carry this forward next year.

My favourite event from this past year would hands-down have to be our coffeehouse social! Its success showed me the importance of creating a balance between career-driven events and events oriented towards self-care and team engagement. Therefore, in addition to networking socials, interview preps, and resumé-building sessions, I would love to introduce new events such as yoga classes, paint nights, and trivia contests to help promote engagement within our community!

Along with this, I plan on partnering with other clubs in order to create unique opportunities that will reach students across different academic disciplines, including the arts and sciences. By doing so, I hope to empower women in all fields, rather than focusing primarily on business.

Furthermore, in order to establish and maintain high attendance levels, these events will be set in accordance with recruiting seasons and exam seasons to better accommodate student demands and their busy lifestyles. There are times where we all need a little help to stay on track and be productive, but there are also times where we simply need to breathe and give ourselves a break – by creating a healthy balance of academic and social events throughout the school year, we will be able to accomplish our goals while keeping a healthy mindset!

All in all, although I am sad that this year had to be cut short, I am already looking forward to all of the events that will come in the future and I hope you will let me guide you through this experience!

Name: Kate Whibbs
Position: VP Finance

Hey WWIL Members! Hope you are all staying safe during these strange times!

I am so excited to be running for WWIL’s VP Finance for the 2020-2021 year! I have been a part of WWIL’s finance team since my first year at Western. It has been such an incredible experience and I am so grateful to have met so many inspiring and determined young women. I am eager to continue my commitment to the club.

Here are a few things I would like to focus on for the 2020/2021 year as VP Finance:

– Capitalize on our existing sponsor relationships and work to host more sponsored events with company reps to allow for greater networking opportunities.
– Lower the price of event and conference tickets to increase the accessibility of our events to all members. We will accomplish this by making fundraising one of our key focuses right off the bat.
– Seek a broader range of sponsors from different sectors to satisfy the diverse interests of all our members.
– Create a stronger network within our club as we are a powerful and determined group of like-minded women.

Thank you again! I hope I can count on your vote for VP Finance 2020/2021


Name: Rachel Quon
Position: VP Communications

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am so excited to be running for WWIL’s VP of Communications. I had an amazing experience as the Director of Marketing this past year in meeting so many incredible women, attending events, and working with a great team.

My vision for the club include:
Increasing awareness to WWIL and our events
Developing a cohesive brand image along all social media platforms and website
Increasing social media engagement
Providing regularly scheduled and informative content to followers that aligns with WWIL’s mission and values

I am looking forward to continuing my commitment to WWIL and hope I can count on your vote for VP of Communications.

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